thanks for your interest in consensus decision-making.

a comprehensive text on what consensus is and how to utilize it in your groups can be found here.

a few thoughts
i realize that the timing of this poster in relation to the 2008 presidential election may cause some viewers to believe that i'm advocating we elect the president or other high-level officials by consensus rather than by majority-rule voting.

this is definitely not the case.

i vew consensus as one component of a much larger re-thinking of how we should organize our lives so each of us has the maximum amount of control of over issues that affect us and our communities. this type of decision-making cannot simply be plugged into a hierarchical and centralized system such as our current one. we can, however, see the merits of consensus as we begin to implement it at a grassroots level in our everyday lives.

i believe that if we each participated more in the small, decentralized social groups of which we are a part, there would be no need for state or federal "leaders". that is not to say that consensus could not work for larger federations, because there is some thinking along those lines, but it is complementary to a larger framework of non-hierarchical, decentralized social structuring.

i am not a political scientist, sociologist, or even a real activist, so i claim no expertise in these ideas -- only a keen interest. i do try to live my life by my values every day, rather than waiting on some utopian revolution, and i hope to convince others that it's not so hard for them to do the same.


links to more information on consensus [and related topics]

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published august 5, 2008